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company news about The difference between automobile hydraulic pressure and shock absorption

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Company News
The difference between automobile hydraulic pressure and shock absorption
Latest company news about The difference between automobile hydraulic pressure and shock absorption

There are multiple classifications of automotive automotive equipment

There are mechanical devices, air breathing apparatus, straws, retractable devices, etc.


What we are going to explain today is the mechanical maintenance device. There are also sub-items in the mechanical maintenance device that are daily maintenance devices and maintenance devices.


Let me explain to you what is the difference between the two of them

Hydraulic device

The oil is used for high-speed transmission, through the cylinder oil and the inner oil of the hole wall to generate force, but it forms an impact on the body, forming a continuous and working on the body, which is prone to atomization, making the user unable to work However, the expected effect is not achieved. At low temperatures, the viscosity of the oil continuously pursues the performance of the hunter; during continuous operation, the oil flow of the aircraft during continuous operation will make a noise and generate its own sonic noise.

Inflatable shock absorber

The gas-filled shock absorber is also called the oil-gas hybrid shock absorber. It uses oil as the medium and adds part of the gas in the cylinder as an auxiliary. The gas medium is added on the basis of hydraulic shock absorption, which increases the stability and reduces The noise caused by the high-speed flow of oil, but the working principle is still the working principle of hydraulic shock absorption.

How do we distinguish between hydraulic shock absorbers and pneumatic shock absorbers (there is no difference in appearance)


I’m here to share my own judgment skills, provided that the shock absorber is not faulty.

After unpacking the shock absorber, if the piston rod of the shock absorber is not extended without any fixing device, it is an air-filled shock absorber, and if the piston rod does not extend, it is a hydraulic shock absorber.


Reminder: Some brands of shock absorbers have a self-locking function for the convenience of packaging and transportation. That is, before installing the shock absorber, you need to rotate the piston rod with a tool before the piston rod pops out.


Why do I distinguish between pneumatic and hydraulic shock absorbers in this way? The reason is this

When the inflatable shock absorber is assembled, the piston rod is extended. At this time, the inside of the shock absorber has just reached the balance of force. When compressed in, the gas will be compressed, destroying the balance of force. When the piston rod is not compressed, the compressed gas will return to its original shape, which will push the piston rod to rebound and regain the balance of force. But the hydraulic shock absorber is different because there is no gas in it, only liquid, and there is still The built-in spring, the piston rod is stretched inside when assembling. When you pull it out and let go, the spring will force the piston rod to retract. At the same time, because of the rapid pull out, the hydraulic oil has not all been reduced from the working cylinder. Flowing into the working cylinder with increased volume, this force will also force the piston rod to retract, but it usually does not retract to the original position because part of the hydraulic oil flows into the working cylinder with increased volume.


Reminder: Some inflatable shock absorbers also have a built-in spring inside. When the piston rod moves up, it will press this spring. The spring will buffer and improve comfort.

Hydraulic shock absorber do not rebound

Inflatable shock absorber     

Reminder: So in the future, if the piston rod of the shock absorber does not rebound, it may not be the quality problem of the shock absorber. Maybe this shock absorber is a hydraulic shock absorber.

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